If you feel led to join a ministry or have questions, please feel free to contact us!

Church Alive Ministries

If you feel led to join or participate in one of our ministries, please contact us today!

Food Ministry

The food ministry is about helping those that are hurt or sick and can’t help themselves. This ministry prepares and delivers meals to people who have just gotten out of the hospital or who have just lost a loved one. This gives our team a chance to minister their physical needs and show them the love of Christ.

Food Pantry

As a result of the generous giving of the Church Alive family and donations from other organizations and businesses, needy families are provided with much needed food and also spiritual encouragement.

Clothes Closet

This ministry fills one of the commands of Jesus to clothe the naked. We have clothes for all ages and all seasons.


Although Church Alive does not employ professional counselors, staff members are available to offer assistance from the Word of God. While we know that the best counsel is available while attending regular church services and listening to the teaching of God’s Word, sometimes one-on-one sessions are necessary.

Bus Ministry

Our bus ministry reached out to help those who need a ride to church. These are people who otherwise could not have been able to receive the ministry care they needed. Our bus ministry team dedicate their lives to caring about people and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. “Then the Master said to the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, that My house may be filled.” – Luke 14:23

Hospital Ministry

Prayer partners are eager to share the Word of God concerning health and healing and are equipped to pray in faith for members of our church family in their time of need.

Contact us to inform us of any needed visitation for an anticipated or unexpected hospital stay.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is available at each service at Church Alive. Prayer requests are received at the Welcome Center or online and through email.

The requests are prayed for by our church staff.

Feeling led to join one of our ministries?

Come participate with us! Which ministry your heart is leading you towards?

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